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Chapter from my Second Novel (Ganges Eyes)

Erotica sample and chapter from my second novel

Mary has spent the last several years recovering from a horrible divorce and bankruptcy during the great recession. Then, she receives the job offer of a lifetime, managing a multi-million dollar IT project in India for her older brother’s company and past employer. Recognizing the opportunity to replenish her depleted savings, travel the world and advance her career, she accepts the job, but knows that it’s risky. Her friends and family all think she’s crazy to abandon them, her job and her comfortable lifestyle in the U.S. However, Mary has always been a little tenacious and thrives on adventure and challenges, so off she goes to start her new life. Unfortunately the project is riddled with problems from the beginning and Mary is faced with a number of issues; loneliness, severe cultural differences, corporate espionage and inter personal problems with her brother. Somehow, in the midst of it all, she finds herself falling in love with an Indian man the same age as her son and full of surprises. On one hand he shares her enthusiasm for all things kinky, but on the other hand he wants to be monogamous. Will Mary once again rise from the ashes of her shattered life, or will this be the end of a promising new career, her relationship with her brother and just another in a series of self-destructive cougar-cub relationships?

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