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Chapter from My First Novel (Dark Legacy)

Erotica sample from my first novel

Born into the home of an abusive fundamentalist preacher, Mary is traumatized by childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her father. As a result, her teenage years were wildly rebellious, rampant with drug use, theft and sexual promiscuity. In her twenties she surprises herself by settling into the role of a wife, mother and entrepreneur and for the first time in her life feels “normal.” An unforeseen financial crisis in the family business, along with the tragic deaths of her young nephews and a shocking family revelation, put an abrupt end to her normalcy and plunges her back into the darkness. Inevitably her out-of-control behavior tests her marriage over and over until finally, in one reckless night of extreme debauchery, she destroys it forever. Over time, she manages to wrestle her way back to the light by questioning everything in an effort to find truth, peace and authenticity. It is only after the crushing blow of her second divorce that she begins to understand that she has made herself a prisoner of social norms and family expectations, and ultimately begins a difficult journey of self-discovery through intense sexual exploration and professional counseling. Eventually she is able to replace low self-esteem and self-destruction with courage and self-acceptance. Stepping boldly out of the prison of her past, she claims her right to happiness, finding love and success in unexpected places with unexpected people.

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  • For Prospective Agent or Publisher

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